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This mushroom dice tower will be a fun addition to your D&D game!


The dice will roll down either of the holes in the mushroom and roll down the stairs to the crystal landing. It looks very cool!


This dice tower is around 7 inches tall. Watch for updated photos. Most of these photos have loops on the top because this can also be a dragon display. This will not be made with the loops unless you request it. 


The default color of the mushroom dice tower will be white if you don’t choose a color. If you want a different color that we show on here, feel free to ask! It might take a couple extra days for production if we don’t have that color in stock.


This is 3D printed. These will probably be printed after you order them, so expect a few days before we ship it. If you want to order more than it shows we have available in our inventory, let us know and we will help you if we can!


We did not design this. This was designed by the amazingly creative Cinderwing3D.

Mushroom Dice Tower

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