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Geekology Lab is a husband and wife team doing a business with their hobbies. We make and sell geeky jewelry, accessories, and decor. 

Lucretia is the jewelry maker. She had always wanted to try making earrings out of Lego bricks, then one day she decided to just try. She loved them, and her friends did also. Then she realized she could make earrings out of other little items, and started having fun getting more creative. Her favorite thing to make is dice earrings.

Larry is the techie. He started with a laser etcher, and had fun designing. Then he added a 3D printer, and had even more fun creating fun items. He has a CNC to make signs. Our latest toys are fiber and CO2 lasers. He is always busy 3D printing.


We are a geeky couple. We love playing games. We love going to conventions. We love reading fantasy. We have a closet full of geeky shirts. We enjoy creating together. We enjoy making pretty and cute crafty stuff, as well as fun, geeky, silly things. This is just a small business that started as a hobby, but we are starting to sell at more conventions. We don't have time to get all the crafty ideas out of our heads and make them a real thing, but we do what we can and love doing it.


Lucretia started this. She loves geekiness, and she loves science. She has a BS in Biology, and worked in a few labs before becoming a mom. That's where she got the name of Geekology Lab. Larry's skills as a computer geek paired well with this and made a fun way to expand our geek offerings to the world.  Enjoy!

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